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Denny Diamond Self-Titled EP (Music Review)

March 31, 2015 by Shaine Freeman
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Denny Diamond
RATING: 6.7 / 10

Genre: Folk, Adult Contemporary
Songwriting – 8 | Music – 6 | Vocal – 6

Denny Diamond is an adult contemporary and folk music dynamo. His music is a cross between Bob Dylan and John Denver, but his voice reminds me of the power, passion, and clarity you’d hear from Tom Jones. Those are some very powerful words I know, but this is truly what I imagined while listening to Denny’s songs. Adult contemporary songs are often under-appreciated by music fans of today, but I tend to enjoy the break from the noise of commercial mainstream music.

Of the songs Denny Diamond has to offer, I really enjoyed “Diamond Mountain“, the most. It has a classic folk sound and great songwriting, two key ingredients that every song in this genre needs in order to have a fighting chance at success. Denny’s voice carries wide and far on every note too. His genuine baritone emits a powerful rumble that garners every ounce of your attention, and reels you into the words in the song so that you’re able to hear that there is a real story being told. Great song!

Diamond Mountain

The only other track that is available from Denny Diamond is “Holly Holy“. I wasn’t fond of this one at first listen because, quite frankly, the lyrics made no sense to me. But, after going back and listening a couple more times I semi-understood the message. Not many music fans are as persistent as I am when it comes to trying to follow a song. Nevertheless, the song is well produced and still rolls with the folk / adult contemporary theme, which means Denny is consistent with his sound; something few artists seem to be able to do these days (consistency). Check it out though, because you might love it.

Holly Holy

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REVIEW: Denny Diamond and The Jewels ‘Luka Bloom’

Melissa Kucirek DATE April 5, 2015
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Is an iconic song good no matter the voice delivering the lyrics? Can the same emotion occur as if you were listening to it for the first time?

Or can you close your eyes and your ears hear no distinction in the production of a cover band or singer?

I asked myself those same questions when I first came across the two-song (yes, just two) EP Luka Bloom from Denny Diamond and The Jewels. Denny Diamond’s backstory is an interesting one, their tours have hit many a town delivering Neil Diamond classics, along with other classic covers.

They are also featured in a forthcoming documentary about tribute musicians.

I closed my eyes while listening to “Diamond Mountain” and felt a strange closeness to the lyrics. I could imagine the documentary to which it’s the theme song – Play Me – and think of all those thousands of tribute artists memorizing and nitpicking moves and lyrical deliveries from anyone from KISS to Neil Diamond to Elvis. Denny Diamond, his voice strong like a Redwood and yet crisp like, er, a cracklin’ rose, played like a narration.

Denny Diamond’s voice triumphs in “Diamond Mountain” like a soloist in church; his range and enthusiasm is only altered by his equally joyous emotion. He delivers and he takes the listener willingly. For those expecting something more pop, they will likely find something a bit more Broadway. Denny Diamond’s voice is made for the stage.

In “Holly Holy” I seriously thought Neil Diamond himself had re-recorded the track, or re-mastered the tune. Denny Diamond’s take is brilliant. I felt like the music bed was a bit distracting – just a tad loud – Denny Diamond’s vocals were a bit drowned out. Just slightly.

Overall, these are both excellent tracks and big cheers Denny Diamond and The Jewels. They really shine.

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